2020: A Poem for the Next Generation

This poem was an assignment for my 10th grade English class. We were told to write a poem about struggles that we have overcome and how we attempt to keep hope alive. I chose to write mine on this past election, mainly from the perspective of a teenager. It talks about the feelings most of the country after the results and how it affected them Then, it goes on to discuss the next election, 2020. There is hope within the next generation. A generation of open-minded, accepting teenagers who are eager for change. A change that this country so desperately needs.


From the darkness of the outcome,

Many sunk into despair.

The majority dealt worse than some,

Felt our country was beyond repair.


But what they failed to see,

Was the light from deep within.

A generation so ready to be

What this country needs to win.


Do not overlook us,

Our voices matter too.

There’s no room to discuss,

We will soon represent you.


We will no longer be drowned out,

Nor pushed or swept aside.

Hear us chant and hear us shout,

In 2020 we will not hide.

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