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20th-Century Fashion Trends That Haven’t Come Back Into Style, But Definitely Should: Men’s Edition

And we’re back! But this time, we’re diving head first into (drumroll please)… men’s fashion!  If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, men’s fashion has hardly had the glorious and dramatic evolution that we’ve seen (and continue to see) in women’s fashion, but it has made some pretty cool shifts and changes, nonetheless.

Men’s fashion has remained pretty consistent for a long time now, just with different variations of the basic shirt, jacket, pants, belt and shoes that “get the job done.” Which begs the question, if the fashion has never fully gone out of style, how can it come back into style?

Well, the answer to that is MOST men’s fashion trends have been recycled again and again through the years, but still, not all! And today, we’re here to talk about the “not all” part.  So, get very excited, because we’re about to look at some men’s fashion trends from the early 1900s that haven’t come back in style yet but totally should!

1. 1910s: The Pocket Watch


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I know what you’re thinking – sure, talk about probably the most recognizable accessory from this time period, cop-out much? But no, not really. Even though there is really no practical reason for these to come back into style, probably due to some little-known gadgets called wristwatches and more recently, um cellphones, but forget that for a minute.


Pocket watches are beautiful. So much work went into them and they elevated the look of any suit and tie (please refer to any old-timey film with attractive male lead). They’re classic and for some people, actually hold a lot of sentimental value. Picture this: sitting across from your date, the sun is setting and you don’t want to be late for your movie, so he casually looks down at his pocket watch hanging from a nice gold chain and then flashes you some eyes.  I mean dang, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

2. 1920s: The Newsboy Cap

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Ironically, this low key and common style of hat that was mostly worn by the everyday man has already made a comeback in the fashion scene today – but for trendy women.  It’s crazy how women can take something that’s seemingly so boring and make it so interesting, isn’t it?  Anyway, these hats clearly have a long shelf life, as well as equal parts in being cute and sensible outerwear.  So guys, get on it, it’s a good look for you.

3. 1930s: The “Hollywood Waistband” Trousers

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It’s all about the pants. And if you thought women were the only ones living the high-waisted life, you are so wrong. In the 1930s, pants moved way up and way out, and you guessed, way quick.  They were pretty much the exact opposite trend of today’s very slim-fitting men’s pants. But honestly, they’ve got a lot going for them. After all, they are called “Hollywood” style pants and Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant sure made them look good. Men in wide leg pants, such as these, can look classy, dapper and dare I say, debonair. I’m ready for a new wide-leg wave.


4.  1940s: The Gabardine Jacket

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This is one of those very subtle variations of clothing we all know and love. It’s not crazy different, but it’s certainly a jacket you won’t find any men really wearing anymore (except maybe your grandpa or your grandpa’s friend). The Gabardine Jacket was a lighter jacket, named after the material it’s made from. It had a bit of a sheen to it, and was a very simple and clean design. I find this jacket to be super sweet and comfortable looking, and I also think it’s a piece of outerwear a lot of guys would pull off well. It’s got that cool, casual, effortless thing going and who doesn’t need more clothing like that?

5. 1950s: Knit Shirts

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Photo Credits: Next Luxury

I love these shirts. Period. I know there are a lot of different shirts and t-shirts that resemble them right now, but they’re just not the same. These knit shirts were actually made from sweater material and they’re just adorable! I don’t know what happened along the line that knit shirts weren’t really a thing anymore, but enough is enough.  They’re flattering, stylish and versatile and I think I saw that attractive guy standing next to the jukebox wearing one tucked into his Hollywood wide-leg trousers. Urban Outfitters, please start making these, the future of man is in your hands now!


Although maybe not quite as exciting and wild as women’s fashion history, Men’s fashion has retained a gracious flow and consistency of both classic and bold trends alike. And as they say, why fix what isn’t broken?

So, here’s to you, boys! Stay classy and stay kind.


Featured Image via Preloved

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