3 Conscious SoundCloud Artists You Need To Listen To

Full of Soul, Full of Vibes, Full of Music

SoundCloud is the collective baseline where all professional and aspiring spoken word artists, rappers and singers can post their projects for all to see. For artists like UglyGod and Chance The Rapper, it is the stepping stone into their career. To have a platform to post uncensored content is amazing because we get to hear their truth, their story, their world. It’s a powerful thing.

Note: If you are not into conscious or hyper aware music that talks about the knowledge of self, the universe and the disparities within our world, then that’s okay! These are artists who express their consciousness either through music or on social media. But what’s most important is that they are all not only incredibly talented but are a breath of fresh air if you appreciate the art of expression and surrealism.


Charlotte native but Philadelphia resident, Ivy Sole (@Ivysole) is a 24-year-old artist committed to “filling the unforgiving minute with words & music”, and that is precisely what she does. Her music is a blend of smooth spoken word vocals over a “vibin” beat that keeps you captivated. Unlike many mainstream artists, Ivy Sole has a meaningful and multi-faced message in nearly every one of her songs stretching from self-love to the journey of “the coming of age”. With much success, she is one of the few artists that has the ability to keep you keened into hearing each and every word she says and that is a powerful thing in itself.

Ivy Sole’s latest project titled and “East” and “Eden” is available worldwide on Spotify, iTunes, and of course, SoundCloud.

2. Alec Good

Alec Good (@Alectoogood) is recording artist based in Sacramento, CA. Supplying you with that new sound. Mixing soul with his sultry voice, sex with his alluring good looks and sweetness with his genuine lyrics, Alec explores the purpose of existence as well as his unceasing desire to be loved. With his audacious search for intimacy and external consciousness, Alec fearlessly shares his regrets on past relationships and the pain that follows him. Alec is one of those singers that will give you that “feeling”  in your stomach, the feeling of contrition and unsettling nostalgia. Being a Sacramento Native, he is an artist who is building a sound that separates from the poison of collective thinking and instead embraces the interest to go against the grain. Alec; whether he realizes it or not, is becoming the true emblem of the rising 916 sound.

Alec’s latest song is titled “Forever Faithful” which explore the temporariness of love and his will to hold on even when there’s nothing left.


Last, but not certainly not least, Oshun. Oshun is, by far, the most conscious group out of three with their Afrocentric style and outspoken songs like “Not My President” which declares that our current President, Donald Trump, is not their President. Many musical critics have also compared them to the musical goddesses, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

Oshun meaning “a spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of God“, originates from a Nigerian native tribe called Yoruba. In the legends, Oshun is considered the goddess of love. And Oshun as a collective group of two young, black women completely embodies the meaning through their music and by appearance. Their music, a compilation of funky jazz, neo-soul, and even rock conveys how inclusive these Queens are when spreading wisdom, power to the people and an abundance of love. What’s so beautiful about Oshun is that they are unmotivated to conceal the truth and intolerant to all forms of oppression stating in “#”,

They wanna keep us dumb, keep us lacking
We eating out they palms like our tails is wagging
They bragging, they got us praising they flag
And we praising white Jesus, I pledge my allegiance
The season for grievance and silence and credence
And faith in prestige, ignorant for convenience
It’s over! I’m done keeping my composure — It’s time to get LOUD
I said f*ck what I’m allowed, f*ck making them proud
And f*ck this nation under god, flawed rulers of fraud
Tryna deify your souls at any cost

In short, Oshun is the truth and if you want to seriously get enlightened in a world filled with blind- unwoken people, I highly consider not only listening to their music but reading the lyrics. Oshun’s newest song “Not My President” has been released on SoundCloud after a long hiatus.






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Written by Nmachi Som-Anya

Nmachi Som-Anya is a 17-year-old unconventional artist currently residing in Sacramento, California. Born from Igbo parents, writing has been the concrete to her feet since she was very young. Nmachi finds pleasure in writing poetry, expanding her mind and exploring the world she lives in. You can connect with Nmachi on most social media @ahfrovision