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4 Poetry Books You Should Read To Ease Your Mind

When days are stressful or tough, it can be too much. Your mind is all over the place and you can’t think properly. I’ve had those days, and when I have those days I just want to lie in my bed all day and do nothing. I always thought that would help. Sometimes it does, but not always. I still think too hard. I can’t seem to ease my mind in a soothing way. In times like these, I want to get rid of the bad thoughts and stressful feelings. And that’s what I do, I turn to reading.

Whether it’s reading an article, short story or a novel, I read poetry when I have bad days. Poems are short and enjoyable. Poetry is a beauty and intensity of expressing your feelings. It’s a language in the name of art. What I find interesting about poetry is that it can connect with someone in a meaningful way, either with other poets or not. It’s for everyone. Poetry has not only helped me with my anxiety and bad days, but it has also improved my English as it’s not my first language. There is a short list of poets and books I adore, personally, below. I can connect with them in many ways and I hope they will with others, too.

1 – Idiot Verse by Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson is a British folk musician, visual artist, and poet. He recently released his debut album Kindly Now in 2016 and his first collection of poems, Idiot Verse. His debut collection was written in the past 3 years of his life. Henson is a very honest and intriguing man. He has a very melancholic voice, giving his words more pain and power. If you are a fan of his music, you would love his book.

2 – Eighteen Years by Madisen Kuhn 

Madisen Kuhn, also known as m.k., is a 21-year-old writer from Virginia. At age 19, she published her first book, Eighteen Years. A collection of 200+ poems written in an honest and personal way about her feelings. When she’s not writing she enjoys taking photos, reading self-help books and doing yoga. Eighteen Years has sold over 10,000 copies. It is a must read for aspiring poets.

3 – This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire 

Will Darbyshire is a British YouTuber. He has over 600,000 subscribers and published his first book, This Modern Love, in 2016. This Modern Love collection of letters, stories, and photographs about the state of modern romance. Darbyshire connected with his online audience to write this book with him. He asked his followers to share their most intimate thoughts about their relationship experiences, in the form of letters, poems, photographs, and emails. 6 months later and over 15,000 submissions from over 100 countries, This Modern Love got formed.

4 – Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur 

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet and writer. milk and honey is a collection of poetry about survival. It’s about the experience of violence, love, loss, abuse and feminity. The book is split into different chapters, giving each one a different purpose, pain, and perspective. It brings the readers through a journey of the most bittersweet moments in life.



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Nak is a 16-year-old living in Singapore. Born in Cambodia, raised by Dutch parents. Other than writing she enjoys reading, art, listening to Radiohead, Grime music and travelling. You can find her on Instagram @nakjblaauw

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