5 Canadian Artists You Need To Be Listening To

As I wait for my all time favourite artist, Kanye West, to drop some new music, I find myself constantly browsing SoundCloud on the hunt for new artists. I like all genres of music but R&B/Reggae have a special spot in my heart and it’s a sound I think is deeply enrooted into Toronto and Canadian culture. This is why when I discovered the following 5 artists, realizing they were all from around the 6 didn’t come as much of surprise to me. Regardless, it’d be selfish of me to keep these musical talents to myself so here are 5 Canadian artists you need to be put onto now.

1. Ramriddlz
Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, the artist behind Drake’s “Sweeterman” definitely has an interesting and unique sound. I find myself listening to his music almost everyday because whether it’s for cruising on a road trip or headed to the club, his beats are perfect for all occasions. Soon to go on a European tour, Ramriddlz definitely has that sweeter sound you know you’ve been looking for.

2. Roy Woods
Linked to Drake’s OVO crew; another artist native of the GTA area, Roy Woods has made his way into my “top 3 favourite artists” list. Whether it’s a song like Why for the everyday hopeless romantic, or a track like Down Girl to give you some confidence before a night of going out, it’s no surprise Woods managed to warrant the attention of someone as big as the 6 God himself. In fact, Roy Woods recently announced he was dropping his debut album entitled Say Less soon, so what better time than now to discover his greatness?

3. NAV
Once again, originating from the GTA area, Rexdale to be specific, NAV recently just dropped his self-entitled debut album. Signed to the Weeknd’s XO camp, Nav has also gained the likings of Kylie Jenner, Post Malone and Travis Scott. If you’re looking for an artist that lets his musical successes do the talking for him, NAV is the artist for you.

4. dvsn
It seems that Canada’s most musically talented up and coming artists all hail from Toronto and the GTA area because next on my list is dvsn, an R&B duo signed to OVO sound. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard their feature on Drake’s album views, on the song Faithful. They also released an album last year entitled Sept. 5th, so for anyone who is looking for those late-night R&B tracks that hit you where it hurts, this is a duo you need on your radar.

5. K. Forest
Last on my list is the mysterious, less known and underrated K. Forest. Asides from the fact that he is one of the newer artists I’ve discovered on this list, K. Forest is definitely on the come up. From the little that is known about him, I was able to find out that he comes from Brampton and he’s the mastermind behind Travis Scott’s Guidance track. His most recent project Eyes of Taiga was only released in early November last year, but he’s definitely an artist you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

I hope you’re able to enjoy these artists just as much as I do!

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