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5 Movies You Have to Watch This Summer

When you hear the word “summer,” what comes to mind? I believe it may look a little something like this: splashing in the ocean, running through amusement parks under the sun, road tripping to new destinations, a picnic beneath the trees . . . it all sounds nice, doesn’t it? However, when the weather gets a little too hot (like, unbearably hot), leaving your air conditioned home can be a little difficult. But, don’t worry. I have got a list of movies for you to watch on the days when you can seem to do nothing other than lounge around and eat ice cream in attempt to stay cool.

The Last Summer (2019)

Premiering early May this year, The Last Summer is jam-packed with all of your favorite celebrities. From “Riverdale” actor KJ Apa, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, “13 Reasons Why” actress Sosie Bacon, “The Fosters” Maia Mitchell and many, many more — this movie screams long summer nights and teenage nostalgia. The Last Summer alternates between the lives of several divergent teenagers as they endure their last summer home before everything changes. Between following through with longtime crushes, trying to figure out life after high school and simply choosing to look life straight in the eye for what is it, The Last Summer is especially the perfect movie to watch for anyone who is fresh out of high school. This movie will have you rooting for its characters. Not to mention, it has a pretty awesome soundtrack.

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The Witch Files (2018)

This movie is perfect for anyone searching for a bit of “Halloween feels” this summer. The Witch Files documents the unlikely friendship of five girls in high school: the popular girl, the sporty girl, the goth girl, the preppy girl and the one who films it all — the journalism girl. When these girls each find themselves in detention one Saturday, they form an uncanny bond with new girl Jules, who introduces the girls to a world of witchcraft. Intrigued by this new world of magic, each of the girls begin to practice their new found craft in hopes of changing their lives for the better. Except, when things begin to go horribly awry, they must find out what’s causing this new rift in their magic. With an old legend, plenty of magic and powerful female characters, you certainly can’t go wrong with this movie (especially if you’re eagerly awaiting October’s arrival).

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The New Romantic (2018)

The New Romantic is certainly not what you may call your average summer flick. In fact, it takes a new spin on how millennials view today’s world. The movie follows everyday college student and writer, Blake Conway, as she struggles to upkeep her love column. Despite the column’s topic, however, Blake herself is lacking severely in the love department. In attempt to make her column more appealing to her readers, Blake undergoes the life of a sugar baby and uses this experience to her advantage. Not only does she suddenly have winning material for her column, but she also receives a handful of eccentric gifts from the man with whom she spends her time. Yet, while Blake sought out the sugar baby life as an experiment of sorts, she finds herself beginning to fall for the aforementioned man which is definitely not part of the plan. The New Romantic documents the struggles of today’s students, as well as what it’s like to be a hopeless romantic at heart.

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The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

The Edge of Seventeen has become a cult classic — an anthem for teenagers all across the globe. The Edge of Seventeen follows the life of teenager Nadine Franklin as she struggles to find her place in the world. With a mother whose barely there and a brother she is unable to get along with, the only person Nadine really has to rely on is her best friend, Krista. That is until Krista joins a new friend group and Nadine finds herself completely alone — save for her teacher and a boy whom she later befriends. The Edge of Seventeen covers topics ranging from depression, suicide and isolation — all topics that are each widely significant and need to be spoken about more in today’s day and age. Protagonist Nadine Franklin has been able to resonate with teenagers everywhere, ultimately becoming a beacon of hope for those who feel like they haven’t got any. If you haven’t watched The Edge of Seventeen yet, make sure to do so this summer.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Now we are throwing it way back with this one. But how can you go an entire summer without watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? This classic 2005 film follows the lives of four friends as they go their separate ways for the summer. And, being pretty much inseparable, this is a very big deal for them. When the four girls discover a pair of seemingly normal jeans that somehow fit each one of them perfectly, they make a pact to share the jeans throughout the summer as they each undergo new experiences. Through first loves, heartbreak and confronting their demons, each one of the girls encounters something new, all of which was helped along by the pants. This movie is the ultimate summer movie. Full of gorgeous scenes from Greece, to Mexico to a grand finale road trip, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a must watch movie this summer — even if you’ve already seen it. Certainly you can’t go wrong with seeing it a second time . . . or a tenth!

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Now, what are you waiting for? Kick back and get to watching!

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