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5 Quick Questions With Caroline Jones on Her Latest Single, ‘Chasin’ Me’

Fresh off the plane from the C2C: Country to Country music festivals in Dublin, London, and Glasgow, Caroline Jones released her new single, “Chasin’ Me”. The pop-country artist tells a story with her latest song, taking the listener along for a ride as a suitor breaks down the defences of a woman running away from her feelings. The song is sultry and ethereal, but sure to pull on your heartstrings just like a Netflix Original Romantic Comedy.

The single comes after “The Difference” and Jones’ full-length album, Bare Feet, both huge successes. To read more about what Jones’ has to say about co-producing her own album and other upcoming projects, check out my other interview with her, here on Affinity.

Photo Taken by Tyler Lord, Courtesy of Caroline Jones


5 Quick Questions with Caroline Jones: 

Ariel Zedric: What was the inspiration for “Chasin’ Me”?  

Caroline Jones: “Chasin’ Me” is a song about the excitement, anticipation, and romance of being pursued by a man. There is something very attractive to me about a man who is willing to prove himself to you, who is willing to fight for you, and that flirtatious back-and-forth of falling in love. “Chasin’ Me” is a song about the power that a woman holds to choose who is right for and worthy of her, so I want women to feel that when they listen to the song!

If you could pick any movie for “Chasin’ Me” to be featured in, what would it be? 

I love old romantic comedies from the ‘40s and ‘50s, especially any movies with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in the leading roles. So probably one of those!

You just got back from the Country to Country music festivals! How was that? Did you have a favourite location?

I loved playing C2C in Ireland, Scotland and England this year. These were my first shows overseas, and the audiences did not disappoint. They were audiences who clearly appreciate authenticity, musicianship and storytelling. I can’t wait to go back. 


Photo Taken by Tyler Lord, Courtesy of Caroline Jones

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done?

I do tons of tiny spontaneous things all the time, being a musician and a creative person. That’s what the energy of inspiration is — spontaneous! In the moment of receiving a new lyric, or playing a new melody on an instrument, or phrasing a vocal line a different way. In broader terms, deciding to switch schools to go to a performing arts school halfway through my high school career was a big and quickly made choice for me. But it was a no brainer to pursue my passion for music.

You’re about to head on tour, is there a place you’re most excited to play at?

I’m very excited and honoured to play New Orleans Jazz Fest this year, on the 50th Anniversary. The lineup is absolutely incredible: Dave Matthews Band, Chris Stapleton, Santana, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Rolling Stones, and my mentor Jimmy Buffett. I’m also very excited to play Tortuga in Fort Lauderdale (Florida being my home) alongside many of my favourite country artists.


To keep up with Caroline Jones, make sure to follow her on her websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube; and see her live on tour!

Photo Taken by Tyler Lord, Courtesy of Caroline Jones

Feature Image Credits Tyler Lord, Courtesy of Caroline Jones

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