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5 Quick Questions With Jet Jurgensmeyer On New Music Video, Tour Dates, and “T.O.T.S.”

Since talking with Jet Jurgensmeyer a month ago, the young artist has already released an uplifting new music video for his single “This Is Your Moment” and revealed a list of upcoming tour dates. While balancing his flourishing music career and role on FOX’s “Last Man Standing”, the rising star also voices a leading role in the Disney Junior animated series, “T.O.T.S.” I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the Jurgensmeyer for a second time to learn more about the “This Is Your Moment” music video and his upcoming projects.


Ariel Zedric: What was your favorite part about filming the music video for “This Is Your Moment”?

Jet Jurgensmeyer: It is always a lot of fun working with The Riker Brothers who have directed all of my videos. I think on this video it was really cool hiking up to the top of the mountain in Malibu and seeing all the way to the ocean. I felt like I was on top of the world.


“This Is Your Moment” talks a lot about overcoming your fears and not getting discouraged. Have you ever had someone tell you-you couldn’t do something, only to prove them wrong? If so, tell me about it.

I guess probably the closest to this for me is when I audition for a role that I really want and don’t fit the character. It can be really discouraging, but I try to stay positive and do all that I can to convince them to think differently.  When you get the role, it can be so exciting.


You’re about to head out on tour, is there one place that you’re especially excited to perform at?

I am so excited to be heading out on the road to a lot of places. One is Summer Fest in Milwaukee. It’s such a big festival and will be so cool. Another is at the White Sox game I will be performing before the game starts. That will be amazing to actually be on the field and perform for everyone.


Tell me about your character Pip the Penguin in the Disney animated series, “T.O.T.S.”

Pip and Freddy deliver baby animals. I am so proud of this show. It is going to be great for younger kids. We sing in every episode and have a great message for kids. Pip does the planning and directs his friend Freddy to do the flying.


How is preparing for an animated show different from filming your live action work? Would you say it’s harder or easier only having your voice to convey a range of emotions?

I get the scripts ahead of time and I study them just like I do with live action. I wouldn’t really say it is harder. I mean you do have to convey your emotions and performance through your voice only. The best way to do that is to actually kind of go through the motions of the scene when you’re recording.  It gets you into the emotion and you will hear it in your voice. Usually, the animation is done later. It is so much fun! I have done voiceover work since I was 5 yrs. old and have had so many good directors to work with. They have always made it fun and showed me that it is just as important to be behind the mic as it is in front of the camera.


Courtesy of Jet Jurgensmeyer

Find Jet Jurgensmeyer on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and see him live at one of the tour dates listed below!

5/24/19 Lake Ozark, MO

5/25/19 Lake Ozark, MO

6/5/19 Nashville, TN

6/18/19 Dayton, OH

6/28/19 Lake Ozark, MO

6/29/19 Lake Ozark, MO

7/2/19 Milwaukee, WI – performing at Children’s Fest at Summerfest

7/26/19 Seymour, WI – opening for Gretchen Wilson at the Outagamie County Fair

Ticket information can be found here.


Feature image courtesy of Jet Jurgensmeyer

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