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5 Songs to Listen to if You Like Daniel Caesar

The weather in my town has been fairly consistent with wind and rain for the last two weeks, and I personally listen to R&B when the weather puts me in a stay at home kind of mood. And with Daniel Caesar having such a comforting voice, I didn’t stray much from his music within the last week. However, Spotify’s suggested music based on my own personal interest in Daniel was too great not to share. So if you admire soothing R&B or just admire Caesar, check out the songs below!

1. “Brown Steel” by Choker

With a Frank Ocean vibe, “Brown Steel” is soothing, happy, and somehow energetic while relaxing all at the same time. The instrumemtals are reminiscent of Caesar while the harmonies and vocal effects sound “Blond” inspired. A very interesting track to add to your playlist!

2. “Lovely” by Brent Faiyaz

Brent’s beautiful falsetto on this track mirrors Daniel while the sultry chorus almost mimicks 90’s R&B. The echo-y effects towards the end are hauntingly gorgeous and the cover art really makes this song stand out.

3. “Easily” by Bruno Major

This is truly a feel good song. The bluesy intro immediately puts a smile on your face and the sweet rythm throughout the rest of the song will make you literally want to sway. The guitar interlude gives the song such a laid back feel and creates an incredibly relaxing space.

4. “Tyler Durden” by Madison Beer

With vocal’s reminescent of 2015 Ariana Grande combined with rythmic stylings, the only thing wrong with this song is that it just isn’t long enough! The falsettoes used give Caesar vibes with a poppy twist, making it a very unique track.

5. “Easy” by Mac Ayres

Where do I even begin with this song? The soft vocals of the beginning should be enough to make you want to listen to this bluesy song on repeat for a while, but if they weren’t, just wait until the beat drops! The simple rythms are sweet and will lighten any mood.

All 5 of these songs are perfect if you are in a bluesy mood, want to listen to someone like Daniel Caesar or just wanted to branch out musically. These artists create fanstastic music, so you should definitely try to listen to some of their songs!


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