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5 Steps to Keep Your Makeup Perfect in the Summer Heat

This week in Maryland, where I live, we’ve had a high of 90-some degrees every day, not to mention humidity causing it to sometimes feel like it is in the 100s. Additionally, I work as a lifeguard at a local Waterpark where I am required to be in that heat and occasionally get wet on the job. Despite this, however, I wear a full face of makeup everyday. Here are some helpful tricks I have acquired through my experience.

1 . Always wash your makeup off before bed — then again before you put any makeup on the next day.

This helps to ensure your face is completely clean and fresh and will allow for an easier application.

2. Put on sunscreen before anything else.

Of course you don’t need to wear sunscreen but it obviously will protect your face so is practical during summer time. If you are going to wear it, apply it before any other product and rub in completely. If you put it under your foundation and over your primer, it will take away the primer’s benefits.

3. Never skip primer.

Primer keeps your makeup in place as well as allows better application and will guarantee longer lasting makeup.

4. Use few powder based products.

In my own experience, powder based products will wear off quicker and run easier if you begin to sweat or get wet. In the case of eyeshadows, this can sometimes be curbed by a quality eyeshadow primer but is still risky.

5. Setting spray! Setting spray! Setting spray!

Setting spray is a life saver during the summer and will almost definitely help keep your makeup in place!!

I am obviously not a professional makeup artist but this is how I survive the summer heat with a perfectly intact caked face. Best of luck, makeup-wearers!

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