5 Underrated Indie-Pop Bops About Toxic Relationships

Whether you are going through a tricky break-up or are hampered by an unhealthy partnership, upbeat songs with melancholic lyrics can be your best friend and relatable music that doesn’t make you want to cry. Below is a compilation of songs you may not know that will help you dance to your heartbreak.

1. Lost Time – Little Comets

“I love your hands, I love your face and eyes
I love the way she only ever tells me lies”

This indie tune melodises meeting someone with whom you develop an agitated relationship that ultimately becomes unattainable. The joyful catchy guitar lines that repeat throughout the song add a remarkably lightheartedness to the topic.

2. Drinking Games – Silver

“I wanna know if you’re not okay
But I get too attached to the things you say
You don’t care if I get home safe
‘Cause I’m just another player in your drinking game”

The song has a Clairo-esque vibe in which the listener gets immersed in the narrative right away. The song conveys the desperation of feeling head over heels for someone who is just using you.

3. I’ll Be Fine – Buster Moe

“So your mind isn’t clear, that’s alright
No matter what you say tonight I’ll be fine”

As the title of this anthem puts it, you will be fine no matter the heartbreak. The swing of the beat, piano, and guitar accompaniments really does push a sense of empowerment that will remind you to have your own back.

4. James Has Changed – Phoebe Ryan

“I feel strange, he don’t love me like he did before
It’s a shame, ’cause my James was all I had
And he’s not even sad”

Phoebe Ryan bluntly confronts the painful reality of loving someone who suddenly stopped reciprocating your feelings with easygoing lyrics and bubblegum pop-like instrumentals.

5. Used To It – Ashe

“Low blows, tiptoes
You watch me walk this tightrope
Too scared to let go, let go”

With a groovy beat and catchy “la-da-da’s”, ‘Used To It’ is a song that explores the threat of a relationship that is gradually going sour.

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

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