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8 Korean R&B and Hip-Hop Songs You Need to Add to Your Playlist

Whether you’re into groups or soloists, there is an artist for everyone to love. Don’t let the language barrier get to you. Music is universal in its portrayal of emotion and can communicate just the same regardless of the language you speak. Hopefully you are able to vibe to these awesome songs — don’t forget to add them to your playlist!

“Instagram” by Dean

This song was released just recently on Dec. 26, 2017. Dean noted during his Spot Interview that when looking at Instagram, he often felt “infinitely small and lacking” compared to the people he followed and looked up to online. He felt lonely when watching his friends go to cool places, while he stayed in the studio all day. Fans were able to relate to this and showed immense love and satisfaction with the song. Make sure to also give his album, 130 Mood: TRBL a listen, as well!

 “Kingdom Come” by Red Velvet 

Red Velvet is known for their velvet releases being complete works of art, and it’s no surprise their album Perfect Velvet contained such a gem. Close your eyes and really listen to this song. The vocals are like a dream. In this song, Red Velvet sings about never letting go of their lover and always having their back. Check out their lovely “red” songs, as well — they are just as good as their velvet songs!

Hangang” by Hoody

Once you hear “I need a Cha Cha beat boy” you know it’s going to be a good one. Known as the Queen of AOMG, Hoody showcases her refreshing vocals while singing about spending time with her lover and wanting the moment to last forever.

 “Jasmine” (prod. CODE KUNST) by DPR LIVE

DPR LIVE has been a recent addition to my personal playlist, and I can’t believe how much I have been missing out on. This song is about a guy trying to convince the girl to trust him enough to start a relationship with him. The EP HER only contains five songs that are well-written and produced. You might as well add all five amazing songs to your playlist!

“Star” by Heize

“Star” is a song that’s completely different form Heize’s past releases such as “Shut Up and Groove” and “And July,” both featuring Dean. The song talks about the things that have been lost and the feelings that come with reflecting on those things. Heize compares stars with lost family, lovers and even time that can not be returned.

“Answer” by Park Jimin

A b-side track on her debut album, Jimin delivered an album worthy of praise. In this song, Jimin sings about wanting the answers on a relationship status. Like the other great tracks on her 19 to 20 mini album, Jimin portrays the feelings of a young adult perfectly.

 “What If” by EXO

EXO have never released one bad R&B song, and “What If” proves that. The song does a good job of showing off the vocal powers of the group. It talks about losing someone before you even had a chance at confessing your true feelings. Besides this b-track, Exo sings in various other genres, such as ballad and dance, on Exodus.

“Official” by LEE HI featuring Incredivle

A b-side track from her latest album Seoulite, Lee Hi sings about finally getting the courage to make things official and start a relationship. The rest of the album really does showcase her versatility as an artist and is worth a listen as well!

There are so many other great RnB and Hip-Hop tracks by Korean artists that are honestly amazing and deserve more attention. Hopefully you enjoy these wonderful songs filled with beautiful meaning, and make sure to add these gems to your playlists!

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