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    Musician Jenn Bostic Gives Exclusive Look at Upcoming Album

    Jenn Bostic, who cowrote “Somebody’s Someone” with artist Daphne Willis, has just released her new single “Faint of Heart” from her new album, Revival. The complete album will be available in the spring, but in honor of the song release, and her ground breaking work as the first ever Artist Ambassador for Whole Planet Foundation […]

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    Fifth Harmony Announce a Hiatus to Focus On Solo Careers

    Rumors have been brewing about Fifth Harmony’s future for the past few months, and their official Twitter account has announced today, March 19, that they will be taking a break, with an indefinite end, to pursue their solo careers. The group has been together, since they were formed on The X Factor in 2012, with […]

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    Cupcakke Takes London By Storm On the Ephorize Tour

    Elizabeth Harris, known by the stage name of Cupcakke, has had a strong online persona since first dropping her music in 2015 but in the past year has become an internet phenomenon with tweets and songs going viral. Fans across the globe have been patiently waiting for her to come to their cities, and on […]

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    Tarjei Sandvik Moe: The Internationally-Known Norwegian Actor You’ve Never Heard Of

    Most people probably haven’t heard of Tarjei Sandvik Moe before, but he’s already internationally known for his work both on the stage and on the screen–and he’s only 18-years-old. Tarjei’s journey to fame is a pretty unique one. Back in 2015, he skipped his math class to go and audition for the Norwegian coming-of-age series […]

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    YouTube Channel Jubilee’s ‘Middle Ground’ Should Be Your New Favorite Youtube Series


    A YouTube channel by the name Jubilee is breaking the boundaries on political and divisive conversations with their series “Middle Ground.” Middle Ground consists of topical conversations wherein people are usually extremely divided (such as political stance or gun control); but rather than receiving easy views by causing the conversations to go awry and become […]

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    Love, Colourism: An Open Letter to Alexandra Shipp

    Images from 20th Century Fox and David Yardin.

    In an interview with Heroine Magazine, actress Alexandra Shipp, who starred in “Love, Simon” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” discussed issues revolving around colorism–again. The actress first received backlash for her response to a Twitter comment about being cast as X-Men’s Storm. In the comics, Storm is depicted as a darker colored character but was played by Shipp, […]

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    The Importance of Diversity in the Media

    Growing up, my favorite Disney princess was always Jasmine from Aladdin. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the reason why I loved her and the movie so much was because of how much I could relate to the story. Although the characters in Aladdin are not from the exact same culture as me, […]

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    NBC’s ‘Rise’ Premieres and Shows Promise

    This article contains spoilers. Being an avid This Is Us watcher, I have seen previews for a new teen drama series by the name of Rise for a while now. When I first saw them and noticed the show is heavily influenced by music and theater, I immediately began comparing it to Glee. With the concept of an English […]

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    Teenage Review of ‘Love, Simon’

    Without a doubt, Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) completely captivates the audience. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and he made us cheer. The overflowing charm of the movie is undeniable. Recently, I was given the opportunity to see an early screening of Love, Simon: an LGBTQ-led rom-com based on Becky Albertalli’s novel Simon vs the Homosapiens […]

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    The Birth of the #GirlLove Movement: The American Girl Dolls

    As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day, I came across a series of tweets about how many of the “classic” American Girl dolls were now archived. I couldn’t tell if it was still way too early and I hadn’t had any caffeine yet, but what? Archived? The “classics”? Wasn’t there just […]