A Poem About Argan Oil


This poem was inspired by the scent of my Eco Styler Argan Oil gel. The smell reminded me of the change I went through last summer. Here is a poem recounting what happened.

Argan Oil

 The smell of summertime,

Skin glistening as the waves

Wash over my sun baked melanin shell.

Laughs of strangers

Escaping from their own wrought self-pitying hell.

Hallowed music of the ocean

Playing beyond our dimension.

Imagining for just one second,

I was worth a mention.

Freshly washed hair and refreshing scents,

Exposed skin and shy glances,

Steps I never truly meant.

A wandering soul with guarded fantasies,

Hoping that a breeze

Will take her to another galaxy.

Eventually, the sun dips, the moon sips, and the heart splits.

But that sweet, salty smell of the ocean,

It caresses, it dresses,

And it finesses the wound.

Trancing it to believe it was all just part of the bloom.


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Written by China Tony

I'm seventeen years and I love to write poems, do show reviews, and write short stories.