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A Self-Portrait

I wrote this when I was 16 and needed an escape, so I decided to write a self portrait of myself by describing my body features while also describing how I felt mentally at the time. Your body’s features have a life of their own and they describe you who are in every way.

Tired eyes, bagged secrets
Waves for hair with rigged seashells intertwined,
Ears so microscopic with a larger than life window to
A mind so wide and terrifying.
Lips so gentle and closed shut,
Nose only meant to smell the scent of my hopeless fantasies.
Hands made to write the things I am most terrified of
Arms to lift me back up when I fall again, again, again…
Legs that aren’t long enough to walk down that road I strive to forget
Feet that keep me grounded when my mind floats.
Tired eyes that are bagged with secrets
Give an entrance to my mind
With one glance.

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