This poem titled Addiction describes how when life takes on a dreary and monotone feeling, joy may seem like it is a drug rather than a real emotion. To see people with so much joy makes them seem very different. This poem describes joy from an addicts point of view.


I have a sin to confess

I am rather addicted to joy

It fills my lungs when I wake up

And makes my head spin until I fall asleep

Being giddy with emotion

Is such a burden when it can’t be controlled

But I can’t stop

I love it too much


I am addicted to joy

People look at me strangely

An oddity in the world

A smear of color in a gray crowd

If you could see my mind

It would look so warped

You could not distinguish

One side from the other


I am addicted to joy

And I cannot stop

But that doesn’t mean I want to

For having joy

Has its benefits

Even if it means being different

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