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AHS Apocalypse Episode 2: The Morning After A Night of Insanity

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Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers of American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 2.

In our last recap I stated that there was no preview for this weeks episode, well Ryan “Petty” Murphy finally put the preview on social media. From the looks of it well finally get to know more about Michael’s plan, get a special cameo from Rubber-man himself, and maybe finally meet the Witches! Let’s get into it, shall we?

[For the purpose of this review, I will be calling the main cast “The Gang”. Not only is it easier on me, but it also makes it sound like the weirdest episode of ‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia!’]

We open with Emily in her room getting undressed when suddenly the door creeks open. Whoever it may be doesn’t show themselves before we get a small jump scare by some snakes falling out of her closet! Just then Timothy bursts in to save the day. Later at dinner, the soup of the day is snake soup. Coco complains, however, Evie never passes up the chance of a good meal (I don’t blame her). When our characters go and take a bite, the snakes spring back to life, scaring our cast and leaving Venable visibly shaken.

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When we get back to the show, the gang finally meets Michael.  In the library, Michael tells the gang all about the severity of the situation. He tells them all about the fates of the other outposts, and how they can interview with him to leave to a new sanctuary. Mr Gallant volunteers to go first. Michael (obviously the devil) says he knows all about Gallants “deepest darkest secrets.” No, we finally get a look into his past living with his grandmother. Apparently, she tried to auction him off to have the perfect life she wanted him to have. In a flashback to a luncheon with possible (gold digging) suitors, Gallant crashes the party with a leather cowboy outfit and proceeds to drink bisk through a gas mask. Next, things get pretty graphic in a steamy sex scene between Gallant and Rubber-Man.

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Just then Evie walks in on them in absolute shock and horror.  Evie; being the loving grandmother she is, swiftly rats out Gallant to secure her place in the Utopia. We transition to another major allegorical scene. Our two lovebirds (obviously  Adam and Eve) find Michaels MacBook (the forbidden apple) with written proof that Venable has defected and her “no copulation” rule is completely made up.

After an interrogation session with Gallant goes nowhere, Michael comes in and admits that he was not Leather-man! (pretends to be shocked) We get a standard Real Housewives fight between Gallant and his grandmother about who deserves to stay. Then we get an interesting change in the song. Let’s take a detour to talk about this actually. American horror story is known for its amazing cinematography and production. If you’re a fan of the “Dante’s Inferno theory”, they usually have amazing descending shots of spiral staircases representing our cast of characters descending further into madness or hell itself.

Via: Reddit User: u/PinkDank420

Always coupled with a great score and never too shy for a musical number a show like this relies on its music. It seems like every season does something totally different. This season how they’ve handled musical cues is absolutely genius. Like our cast of characters in episode one, fans have started theorizing that most of the songs this season hold secret messages of what’s to come. In this episode “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce represents how our gang is growing restless of the outpost. Just as Mr Gallant is sulking in his misery the song changes to “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac. If I had to guess this is either to hint at the Witches coming in the next few episodes or to set up one of the most buck-wild scenes in the show’s history!

Speaking of the devil, (all puns intended) our next two scenes are just full of chaos back to back! Rubber-Man seduces Gallant to stab his own grandmother to death.  Finally, in something less shocking (and extremely convoluted), the henchmen walk in on out two lovebirds sleeping together. Just as Timothy and Emily are about to be executed, Timothy fights back and shoots Miriam.  As she runs out to assess her wound we see that she’s a ROBOT! Instead of a bleeding wound, we get to see her robot innards as they hiss and smoke. The strangest part, however, is her gross yellow blood. If you’re a horror nerd you’ll know that’s a nod to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (the worst Halloween sequel).

While on the subject of Halloween, we actually get a preview for next week. Its the annual AHS Halloween episode! The gang is ready for some spooky fun because “It may be the last they’ll ever have!” In the episode 3 preview, we get a hint at witches (finally) coming and hint at another major character death. Who do you think it is?

Catch all-new episodes of American Horror Story Apocalypse on Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on FX!

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