Alone Again

A poem about the evils within loneliness

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“Alone Again” is one of my first works as a poet and one of the most personal of my poetry. It’s inspired by each depressive episode I went through in the year of 2017. Loneliness is a huge factor in my poetry, and it’s also the most real and hard-hitting feeling that can relate to anybody in different circumstances.

My social circle consists of eerie shadows

All of them consist of the ghosts from the past

Who continue to haunt my thoughts.

Each ghost carries a certain type of alone

Loneliness, self-conflicted isolation, forlorn and unwanted.

Which all occurred during different episodes of my life.

So when I say “I feel alone again”

Just know that the ghosts are around me, right now

And I am in need of saving.

In need of the warmth of a human being

In need of a mutual communication.

But yet will I experience the process.

And when I feel the most high will be the day when I don’t have to say

“I feel alone again…”


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Written by Ilhan Adan

Ilhan Adan is a 16 year old activist from Minnesota. She is a Somali-American and adores comics, writing and poetry.