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Alternative/Pop Artist Leah Capelle Premieres Brand New Track ‘alder lake!’

Leah Capelle, an alternative rock/pop artist with a growing following, is kicking off her weekend with the premiere and release of her brand new song titled “alder lake”. In a world of the ever-growing presence of mainstream hip-hop, Leah’s sound is one that serves as both a refresher and a reminder as to why alternative pop/rock is a killer combination. In fact, although “alder lake” is the much-anticipated sequel to her previous successes (“Docs” and “Settle Down”), it’s certainly no let-down. From signature rock drums to vocals and lyrics as crystal clear and pure as the waters of the real Alder Lake itself, the new track is something that you’ll find yourself jamming to with your best friends in the car. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Listen to “alder lake” on Spotify and Apple Music!

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“alder lake” was written during a time in which I felt as if I was existing as a shell of a person. I was lost. I leaned heavily on self-destructive tendencies in an effort to find myself again. I needed to circle back, back to where I felt like myself, back to where I was happy. Alder Lake is a real place, a truly magical getaway that my family built in the woods on a river in Wisconsin. It’s home to some of my fondest lifelong memories, including skinny dipping with my best friends when we were 16. So this song, at its core, is about using little moments frozen in time to let go of past mistakes, and find fulfillment in the present.” – Leah Capelle

It’s worthwhile to note that music has been a consistent factor throughout Leah’s life: she’s attended many schools of music and has recently graduated from USC Thornton School of Music with a B.S. in Music Business. This is perhaps why her songwriting translates so well with the wide variety of people that listen to her music. 

Image courtesy of WMA Agency

Leah describes her musical style as “alternative/rock/pop.”  She says, “With the new music, I’m trying to create a blend of styles that somewhat differ from each other but all represent different facets of my personality. As such, the new music finally feels like authentic art, not just standalone songs. I think in words, not in images – so the collision of my lyrics and the corresponding artworks/visuals are all designed to embody not only a broader vision of who I am as an artist but as a human being, above all.”

You can find Leah Capelle on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Make sure to listen to “alder lake” on Spotify and Apple Music

Featured Image courtesy of WMA Agency

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