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An Analysis & Review of Jeremy Zucker’s Latest Hit “always, i’ll care”

Jeremy Zucker is an internationally acclaimed artist who has secured many accreditations and vast praise, at what could be considered a very early stage in his career. Just five years after he stopped studying molecular biology, and began professionally releasing music, Jeremy Zucker is back with yet another track: “always, i’ll care.”

The song begins with light piano keys, creating a bouncy music box sound. Jeremy begins singing as lightly as the instrumentals, “Driving down the interstate/I’ve never felt so far away/Leaving hardly hurts at all I’m sorry that I never call,” Percussion clapping is introduced to the twinkling piano instrumental background, as Jeremy sings, “Often, I get exhausted/Trying regardless to be enough/Is it selfish not to be selfless/When all I can help is to open up?”

There is a pause in the music before the piano is replaced with guitar, though the percussion beat remained constant. Jeremy goes on to sing the chorus, “I’ll be better than I was before/Despite every text of yours ignored/Will you call me still? Just to hear my voice, I swear/ Always, I’ll care.” Electronic voice groans, “I’ll care,” fading out as though it’s being carried away by the wind.

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The light piano from the beginning of the song returns as Jeremy also mirrors the structure and actions in the first verse, singing, “Flipping through our photographs/Those moments never seem to last/Listening to self control/Those feelings that you’ll never know/Leave me, it’s never easy/I’ve had a lifetime to be alone/If you let me when it gets heavy/Know I’ll never let you be all alone.” Slight tuning noises snares strikes that sounds like distant boxes dropping, the light whistling of a siren and windy noises help to create a nostalgic ambience as Jeremy concludes the song by repeating the chorus. He wraps the song with him singing “always,” very distantly.

“always, i’ll care” is a breakup song, but it doesn’t stumble into the classic tropes of bitterness and pain, though those emotions can be quite necessary. “always, i’ll care” takes a different approach to view the end of a relationship. It’s about mutual love lost and coming to terms with the conclusion of a relationship. The song is special, but it sticks to Jeremy Zucker’s reflective and mellow sound. “always, i’ll care” is a sunset.

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