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An Interview with Lula Miranda: Keeping Secrets, ‘Confessions’, and Reducing Plastic

Having already performed with Halsey and Niall Horan, sold out Sony Theatre in Buenos Aires twice and three concerts in Toronto, and released her debut album Stranger, Lula Miranda is a force to be reckoned with. In her latest single, “Confessions”, Miranda sings an open and honest tune about how life is better when lived free. The summer anthem radiates positivity, happiness, and self-confidence and is exactly the type of uplifting music the industry needs.

Aside from filming entertaining and powerful music videos and preparing for her upcoming full-length album, the Argentinian pop-star also partnered up with National Geographic to reduce plastic waste. I sat down with the busy artist to get an inside look at “Confessions” and her other forthcoming projects.

Courtesy of Lula Miranda


Ariel Zedric: What’s your opinion on secrets? Is there any instance where they’re okay?

Lula Miranda: Everybody has secrets and to me, it’s important to keep a few things to yourself. I can be a very private person. Although there are secrets I don’t like, those secrets are the ones that might make you feel trapped or even make you suffer. If you take the risk to share or confess those types of secrets, it will eventually set you free.


Your recent single, “Confessions”, has a positive, empowering message for women and freedom that I wasn’t expecting from the title alone! Tell me about the inspiration behind the track!

I feel that the song is relatable for people, especially women and the relationships we all experience. Whether there has been infidelity and that hurt still inspires a desire to forgive or when a relationship simply comes to an end and positivity and self-confidence exist to inspire the memory of the good time shared.

Was there any one event that really motivated you to create this song? Or would you say it was a culmination of several events?

There wasn’t any specific situation that drove me into writing Confessions. I’ve been in that place a few times where you are afraid to end a relationship and it’s something that’s really common. Having the self-confidence to make decisions is something that is usually not easy but once you obtain it you feel totally free and empowered.


Of “Cherry Kiss,” “In My Bones”, “Closer”, and “Stranger”, which music video has been your favorite to film thus far? Why?

“Cherry Kiss” has definitely been my favorite. I had the chance to work with some incredibly beautiful women for the first time and there was a very strong connection forged during filming. We had so much fun between and on takes that even though we spent more than 24hs filming we never felt tired. I’m in love with the images of this video and the song is also one of my favorites from the album so there are many things that make this video special to me.

Courtesy of Lula Miranda

Tell me about partnering with National Geographic and working with their campaign to reduce plastic waste!

I have always felt the need to do something for the planet. I think it all started when I moved out on my own. I started getting very picky with washing and drying absolutely every piece of plastic and even metal cans before throwing them into the green trash. I saw lots of pictures of animals being tangled up in plastic and how dirty the ocean is and it started to disturb me more and more each time. I felt good with what I was already doing but I wanted to do a bit more. The campaign “Planet or Plastic” for National Geographic was amazing and I am very proud to have been part of it.


Do you ever find songwriting inspiration in the eco-friendly activism you do?

To be honest with you, I haven’t thought about it but I think it’s a great idea.


What sort of messages can fans expect from your forthcoming full-length album? How is the album overall similar to “Confessions”?

Some of the messages in my forthcoming album are about self-confidence, looking for freedom and adventure and above all about love and loving yourself.


If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

Today, I think I would do something involving animals and the environment.


What’s the most difficult part about balancing a music career and an activist agenda?

Music takes up a lot of time. I would spend all day working in new songs and learning music but there’s a part of me that needs to do something else, something good. I always try to find the time for it. Society and competition nowadays push us a lot and we often can’t the time to stop and see the actual important things. I do think that if you have the desire to do things, you make time for them.

Courtesy of Lula Miranda

Are there parts of your culture that you pull from for inspiration? How so?

I probably get inspired unconsciously. I get inspired by places, society and different situations and my culture is definitely one of the sources of inspiration but I try to make my music universal.


If you could give one piece of advice for young aspiring artists, what would it be?

My advice is always the same, follow your dreams, stay true to yourself and your art and gain self-confidence to achieve them.


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