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Anna Rose Discusses New Single ‘Broken Is Beautiful’

With the release of her newest single, ‘Broken is Beautiful’, singer/songwriter Anna Rose shares with her audience a more personal struggle she has been facing over the past few years.

The fourth single released from her upcoming album, The Light Between, is inspired by Rose’s battle with Lymes disease as an artist. During a phone interview, she shared that the disease had a serious impact on her career, and at times she doubted if she would be able to continue in the music industry.


“I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease a few years ago, and it really just shifted the way I was able to work and perform,” said Rose. “I felt like this disease was taking my career from me.”

As Rose shared, Lyme’s disease has a different toll on everyone diagnosed. For her, Lyme’s disease meant numbness in her hands, something detrimental for a musician and songwriter. “It was really very scary to feel like I can’t play guitar, so what do I write on if I can’t really use my hands,” said Rose. 

Because of the severity of the disease, Rose struggled to tell others around her what she was going through, and the fear she was facing.

“There was a long period during the writing process where I wasn’t telling anyone what was going on with me. It wasn’t that I was hiding it, I didn’t know if I could still actually perform and write at the level I had been doing it before,” said Rose. “Being a woman in rock music, there are plenty of people that will say you’re not rock enough… and I didn’t want to give anyone another reason to doubt my abilities. This song is my way of singing through all of that fear.”

Now, after learning to live with the disease, Rose has turned the fear and uncertainty she was feeling into a powerful rock anthem, sure to give hope to anyone who listens.

“This song, when I wrote it, was really right around the time where I started to be honest about what was going on and it kind of fell out of me. It was every fear that I had,” said Rose. 

With a strong baseline from the beginning, quickly turning to softer vocals leading to a powerful bridge with the lyrics ‘no one’s gonna hear me/ no one would believe me’, the song demonstrates the resilience of Rose, while simultaneously showcasing her captivating vocals. 


‘Broken is Beautiful’ is the most recently released of the singles from The Light Between, which will be Rose’s first album, to be released on October fourth. 

The album, like the rest of Rose’s music, will be released independently. For Rose, while being an independent artist presents many challenges, it also can be very rewarding. 

“Being an independent artist is both very very freeing, and powerful, and at the same time you really have moments of feeling like anything that I do is going to fall upon deaf ears,” said Rose. “Independent artists are the ones who are going to give you the most unique perspective, you’re going to be getting the absolute truth from an independent artist in that way because there’s no one telling them no.”

As with any song, Rose shared that it’s always nerve-racking. However, for her there is, “something very freeing about putting music out into the world, because once it’s out and it’s out of my hands and people are listening to it, it’s no longer mine, and it’s no longer just my story when people connect to that song it  becomes their story, it becomes their song,” said Rose. 

Rose hopes that with ‘Broken is Beautiful’, her listeners find something they can relate to. 


“Music has the ability to make you feel seen in moments where you feel that no one understands you,” said Rose. “I hope that by putting my own deep fears into a song, someone else will feel comforted and a little less alone.”

Rose will be on tour in the fall, performing at the Little C and Pilgrimage festivals this September. ‘Broken is Beautiful’ and the rest of Rose’s music can be streamed on Spotify andSound Cloud

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