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Ariana Grande’s Music Video for “Everyday” Was More Than Just a Plain Music Video

International pop sensation, Ariana Grande, has been killing the game. Releasing a Grammy nominated album, Dangerous Woman, as well as powerful singles including Dangerous WomanLet Me Love YouInto You, and Side to Side, Grande is off to her next single, Everyday featuring Future. The pop and bass-line infused song contains explicit lyrics with an even more explicit meaning, detailing sexual satisfaction.

In the music video, released on February 26th, features a lot of romance going on between various couples. Grande featured couples kissing on a car, in a bus, in a laundromat, as well as on a copying machine.

However, the music video was not just a shallow display of public affection. Being the advocate for multiple socially relevant groups like the LGBTQ+ community, Ariana Grande implemented an insanely symbolic message into it: love is love, and it does not exclude anyone.

Remember those couples kissing each other? Well, the first couple kissing on a car was actually a plus-sized, straight couple. Followed by them, a lesbian couple and an interracial couple were kissing each other. Finally, Grande featured, on a crosstown bus, an elderly couple embracing their relationship.

Grande is one of the only artists that truly embraces her platform for advocating for social justice for all people. In the video, Grande explains that no matter age, body shape and size, race, or sexual orientation, you have the ability to love someone unconditionally.

Although the video may have been uncomfortable for many to watch, that’s absolutely fine! Several viewers of the video have noted that the video is bound to get critical attention:

The music video is directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. Chris has already done some good work with “Break Free”. This time, he is directing Ari who loves hanging on street corners and enjoys hiding her skin under an oversized jacket. The outcome is a powerful music video that will definitely get critical appreciation when critics get to review it.

The main problem is people hating on the video, despite its message.

There were some comments like “I’M SHOOK” or “Not what I expected but I like it, it’s fun, different, and creative. Plus it’s funny af.” However, there were also multiple negative comments such as “Ari, you never weren’t that… And it goes for more, I don’t want you to became miley.” There was even a comment under the video, saying:

This song is for sluts!

Much of the critical reception had to do with Ariana not being aware of her younger audiences. However, Ariana, like other artists, is a grown woman who has the artistic freedom with which she can direct her career.

Go look for yourself, how do you like the video? Watch it here.

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