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Astronomy For Poets: How Solar Systems Form

Just this week I completed my first year of college. Through these many months I’ve evolved immensely and gained so much new experiences and knowledge. This poem references what I learned while taking a course on the solar system just this past quarter–as well as what I have learned about myself this past school year.


I was once a nebula,


A simple celestial force

A common working of nature

Fluorescent yet fragile

Protected by a shield of chaos


I was once a star,


In a sea that is the universe

Both crowded and lonely

As I slowly

Aligned my broken bodies


I then grew to become

The sun of a cosmic system


My gravity,

A reminder of the affinity

Others feel for me,

The invisible allure I never view in myself

My moons,

A symbol of past destruction

And my ability to heal

As the chaos clears


I am science

I am poetry


I have now grown

Into my own galaxy


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