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I'm a 19-year-old sophomore at GWU. Love reading, writing, and listening to music. I'm also interested in social justice and equality. #UnapologeticallyBlack #BLM

Makeup Artists of Color To Be On the Lookout For In 2018

Major makeup company’s such as Covergirl and Maybelline have been recently choosing social media famous makeup artists to become a spokesperson for them. However, most of the artists chosen are white and many colored makeup artists are under appreciated. Most of the time, the talent of POC MUA’s go unnoticed. Here are some makeup artists of color that deserve more recognition for their phenomenal talent: 1. Alissa Ashley Alissa Ashley is a 22-year-old Youtube star with almost 850,000 subscribe

Entertainer Demetrius Harmon’s ‘You Matter’ Brand Brings Awareness to Mental Health and Self-Positivity

Demetrius Harmon is an entertainer and social media influencer. He started out uploading 6-second videos to Vine and has since gained an immense following. Demetrius has branched out to platforms like Youtube, where he has more than 370,000 subscribers and makes videos ranging from “If Dora Was In A Horror Movie” to “Mental Health & Its Importance.” He has even come out with a short film titled “Be Happy” where addresses his battle with depression. To follow up on the film, Demetrius launched a