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I wrote this poem a while ago for the best class I have ever been in. This was the poem that gave me the courage to write and the courage to share my writing with not only the people in the room but also everyone outside. I read this poem and the room went quiet. Enjoy. 


She chokes

Her voice


Up her throat with rough, sharp claws

as it struggles to reach the air

She screams



Reaches for oxygen

Reaches for meaning

Too many metaphors to sift through

Like sand

but her life is no beach


On the outside she sings


Her voice dances around the room

Her face

Crushed with passion

or pain?

A single tear creates a solemn path down her face

“It is so touching”

declares a woman in the audience,

peering down from her distant high,

“when art controls the artist.”

peering down with her frozen eyes

As if she knows what art is

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