Bea Miller Completes The Spectrum With ‘Aurora’

After releasing three EPs in 2017 and playing a sold-out show in Los Angeles, Bea Miller is out with a full-length album. It includes the previously released “chapters” and features four new songs.

The chapters are based on the primary colors: a reference to Millers’s synesthesia. Miller also released four more tracks titled “motherlove,” “girlfriend,” “outside,” and “Crash&Burn” (which she teased on her Instagram weeks ago).

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On Twitter, the 19-year-old explained her decision to change the album’s title from “spectrum” to “aurora” and described what the new name means to her:

In an interview with the A Side, Miller explained that the reasoning for the name change had to do with the many changes she’s faced as not only an artist but as a person.

She wanted to find something that represented the original concept and was more representative of the person she is today. The first definition of the aurora borealis, the colorful sky show, also convinced her to choose the name.

She explained to the A Side that, while working on the album, she felt inspired but the Roman Goddess Aurora:

“The story goes that she would fly across the sky every morning in her chariot throwing flowers and pulling the sun behind her. She is the bringer of a new day and represents a new beginning. I’ve already put out my first album, so this album is not the beginning, but it definitely feels like a new beginning, because this album is something that I actually wrote myself and that I’m really proud of and something my fans are maybe not expecting. [In the story] the flowers spoke to me, because all of my covers have flowers on them. I really like that they symbolize growth.”

Fans showed their support regarding the name change, and some even preferred it over the original name.

Miller also hosted a listening party in Los Angeles in anticipation of the album release and invited a group of fans to hang out with her.

She also plans to host an intimate launch party at SWING HOUSE in Los Angeles tonight, Feb 24. Fans who attend can listen to the full album and watch her perform some of her favorites tracks. By buying tickets, attendees can get an access pass, a signed CD, and a t-shirt.

Listen to “aurora” on Spotify now!

Cover Image Courtesy of Bea Miller

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