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Bea Miller’s Video ‘S.L.U.T.’ Is The New Anthem For All Things Positive

Bea Miller, who dropped her first album at age 16, and has been empowering young women ever since, just dropped a music video for her new single “S.L.U.T.”

As you can tell by the name, this song is not what you’d expect it to be, but exceeds all expectations.

The song focuses on the word slut, and how our society has made it a derogatory term against women. Bea Miller takes the word, and turns it into a compliment, “Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing”.

The video features her and many other young women dancing to the song and overall having a really fantastic time. It features women (all of which you can find tagged on this Instagram post) of multiple races embracing themselves, which is much needed and perfect timing for the Women’s March that takes place tomorrow.

Her most recent releases are three EPs named after the primary colors, demonstrate the phases of recovering from a bad time in your life. In an interview with Fuse she says that, “I want to take people through a journey and say just because you have bad days it doesn’t mean they’re gonna last forever. Just because you’re feeling your Chapter 1 Blue, doesn’t mean that your Chapter 2 Red isn’t gonna come eventually.”

This video follows that trend of colors, and many fans have stated their own interpretations and opinions of it on Twitter.

With the recent sexual harassment and assault awareness movement, as well as the truth about rape culture being exposed, this video is so important. Bea Miller shows that women are amazing, and that they shouldn’t have to apologize for what they’re wearing or doing.

Body positivity has also been a recurring and important theme in the world right now, and this video embodies exactly what it is. With lines like “I love myself I wanna see it, when I turn around, look in the mirror” and “If you don’t like what I’m wearing well, you’re only bothered ’cause you’re staring”, “S.L.U.T”. is the new anthem for all things positive.

It’s refreshing to see women hyping up other women, and making the best of a word that has been held against them for decades. “S.L.U.T.” is the female positive video you’ve been craving, and you can view it here.

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