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Beautiful Is Who You Are

Why is it that that we tell black girls that their skin is too dark to love?

I suppose it is because we have been telling them for years on top of years that the color black is a representation of darkness and evil, but white represents all that is pure. We tell black girls that the color of their skin is something for them to be ashamed of.

Why is it that we try to force them to compete against one another?

Does the whole light skinned versus dark skinned phenomenon come to mind?

We say the lighter you are, the better you’re off, but for the darker skinned sisters, we tell them that they are not beautiful or good enough to be loved.

Somehow, in our minds, we believe that the darker you are, then the uglier you are. But aren’t all shades of black still black, so why is there a definite need to create division?

Yet, we hope that deep down inside they believe that they are worth nothing. And we pray that they will go out and get their hands on every skin bleaching product sold in the market so that these black girls will rid themselves of their truth, because they should be ashamed of living it, regardless of them putting their health at risk killing themselves little by little in the process.

Why is it that we tell black girls that their natural hair is a nappy-headed tragedy?

We end up causing them to fear wearing their curls wild and free. We say that kinky hair is a mess and should be straightened at best, not caring that they will damage their beautiful manes.

Why is it that we tell black girls that their bodies are too masculine?

We say that their muscles are too bulky and not feminine enough, and we say that their bodies are exotic, but of course not the beautiful kind.

Why is it that we tell black girls that their mouths are too big and they always have the loudest things to say?

We often compare them to explosions on a battlefield, insinuating that they are amongst the loudest beings to ever walk the planet.

Why is it that we call a black girl angry when the only thing she is trying to do is speak her mind… like everyone else?

Why is it that we say that all black girls are ignorant, ghetto, rude, and trashy?

Why is it that we cannot tell them that they are beautiful, intelligent, talented, artistic, and fearless beings?

Because that is what they are.

Why do we expect less of black girls?

When in doubt black girls can achieve anything that they put their minds to… just like the rest of us.

We ruin black girls (scratch that we not only ruin black girls, but girls from all walks of life) by not allowing them to embrace and celebrate the beauty in themselves, but just remember in the process of trying to stop them from doing so we ruin ourselves by not seeing the beauty in them.

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Joi is a 17 year old girl living in the Windy City of Chicago. She enjoys writing about her feelings, traveling around the world, and immersing herself into juicy drama filled tv.

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