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Beyoncé Joins J Balvin and Willy Williams for Natural Disaster Relief

Queen Beyoncé’s endless philanthropic work continues to grow and she recently adds onto that work. Beyoncé joins Colombian sensation J Balvin and Jamaican artist Willy Williams with a remix of their single “Mi Gente”. According to Beyoncé, the proceeds from this remix all go to relief charities that are working to recover from the devastation that took place in the Caribbean and Mexico last week. Beyoncé writes on her website, “I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane and earthquake relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and other affected Caribbean islands”. This devastation has ruined many lives and millions of people need every inch of support and relief. Humanity is at stake and everyone must carry compassion when witnessing these events. Beyoncé uses her large platform to encourage others to confront the horrifying reality that many face in order to reach a plan of action. To use the weapon that is music to gather everyone to dissipate this nightmare is the ultimate gift to humanity.

This is a wonderful way to shed light and awareness on top of these disasters. (Might I also mention that Bey sings in Spanish in the song so yes, I lost my mind). However, to feel that I was contributing to help people who are in dire need of relief just by simply listening to the song was rewarding and only encouraged me to continue being aware of the crisis. With Beyoncé’s very own, the BeyGOOD Foundation, the website also includes links to organizations that contribute in helping victims in Houston, the Caribbean, and Mexico. To view and donate to those links, visit here. Please show your support to hurricane victims. Supporting this song can do so much for the huge populace that need to survive and your contribution is detrimental. The “Mi Gente” remix by J Balvin and Willy Williams featuring Beyoncé is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. The “Mi Gente” music video has been uploaded on Youtube, as well.


iTunes and Apple Music:

Watch the music video for the song, as well:

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