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Bill Nye’s New Show Is Exactly What You Need In Your Life Right Now

It doesn’t really matter who you are, if you are from the United States you have probably heard the name Bill Nye (also known as The Science Guy) a couple times, and it is also very likely that you have seen at least one episode of his 5-season-long iconic PBS show. After his time as a host, he went on to be a part of many other shows such as Dancing with the Stars in 2013, and to also write books and even be a part of the White House Student Film Festival.

Last year, however, Netflix surprised us once again by announcing that the beloved Bill Nye would be getting his own talk show titled Bill Nye Saves The World. Now, after months of waiting, the first season is here, and it could not be more perfect.

In its 13 episodes, the show explains different topics by also taking into account social and political views, and Bill was not afraid to get controversial. With a live audience, famous correspondents and guest appearances such as Karlie Kloss, Nazeem Hussain and Steve Aoki, the Netflix production has a great dynamic which manages to explain, deny and entertain in just 30 minutes.

Every single episode is interesting, even if you are not that into science. The highlights of the season include episode one, Earth Is a Hot Mess, which explains why climate change is one of the biggest problems that our generation faces (and if you are wondering, yes, you can expect some political commentary from Bill Nye); and my personal favorite, the ninth episode: The Sexual Spectrum. In this episode, the host explains sex, gender, attraction, expression and attraction while acknowledging pansexuality and asexuality and mentioning the impact of K-Pop in South Korea in a way that will make the LGBTQ+ community very proud.

If you have a day off for some binging, you should definitely give Bill Nye Saves The World a try. The show is refreshing, hilarious, maybe even nostalgic and it is everything you could expect from a man that has conquered so many hearts with a bow tie and a lab coat. Plus, the theme song is a remake of the original by Tyler, The Creator, and it is catchy as hell.

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Federico Bongiorno is a 20-year-old from Argentina who's deeply in love with pop culture, politics and people.

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