Blooming Alone

Photographer: Shay Khan Model: Natalia Sayedarous

This is a poem about learning to finally be happy despite not being around the people that you love. At times we find ourselves attached to people who do nothing but hurt and bring us down. This is a reminder that you can be happy even without people.


You couldn’t compare me to a flower,

not because I don’t bloom,

but because you couldn’t tear me apart

with just your fist and your abandonment.

My roots don’t need to be watered by you early in the morning,

neither late in the day.

I don’t need to rely on you for sunlight,

and the shards of glass you drop all over me won’t hurt me.

No I am not a rose and if you treat me right it won’t matter,

because I’ve already bloomed on my own.

I dug up all my missing pieces,

and put them back where they belong.

If you abandon me in a storm I’ll continue to bloom on my own,

and find my own light.

The overflow of the rain will only leave me shivering,

but by the end of the day I’d find warmth.

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