Borns dropped a new single with a surprise guest

The American singer sparks fanbase alight with news of the guest vocalist

Courtesy of @bornsmusic

Garret Borns, better known by the stage name of Børns, announced his upcoming sophomore album ‘Blue Madonna’ with the single ‘Faded Heart’ which has caused his fanbase to go into frenzy. As the release date nears (12 January) he keeps posting little previews of the new album, the latest being a new single that’s now available to buy and stream entitled ‘God Save Our Young Blood’ with featuring vocals from Lana Del Rey.

Though still considered a newcomer, Børns has an impressive back catalogue of music with his debut album ‘Dopamine’ and an EP that was released under his real name ‘A Dream Between’.  Though still fairly fresh on the scene he’s already worked with some of the biggest names in the indie scene, touring with Charli XCX, Bleachers and Misterwives.

Lana has been an open fan in the past of him and his music in the past, posting an instagram with the caption

This new Børns record is one of the craziest, best records I’ve heard in years, I’m so excited for it 💎
Blue Madonna

The collaboration is exciting news to many people as the two singers share a large portion of their fanbases and the collaboration is extremely exciting to experience how their two styles meshed together, with Børns making upbeat dream pop whilst Lana prefers her signature mellow style that people have come to know so well. Their vocals harmonize better than I imagined as Lana’s singing adds in a more delicate effect to the lively song. If this song and all the other singles are anything to go by it’s clear than Børns is a contender to have one of the best indie pop albums of the year.


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Written by Samantha Lutes

London based 17 year old that loves everything to do with music and pop culture