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Brockhampton’s New Music Video Has Us Rolling on the Floor, Literally

In light of Brockhampton’s new album to be released this month, the group dropped a new single, “I Been Born Again”. The new album, Ginger, was announced by members of the band on social media this month through promo shots.

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new bh album AUGUST

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A new merch line for Ginger was announced via social media this month on the Brockhampton website and most of the items are sold out already. As well, fans are able to pre-order a digital version of the album on the website that will be emailed to them when the album is released.

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Don’t just watch. Join us!

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To the delight of fans, yesterday the band released the single from the album and a new music video, directed by Spencer Ford who also directed the J’ouvert video from the 2017 album “Iridescence”. The video was edited and coloured by Brockhampton members Kevin Abstract and Henock Sileshi.

The track opens with a dissonant piano progression under Bearface’s verse:

Can’t come around here this sh*t is gated, / We made it, happy belated, I see the race yeah.

Without skipping a beat it moves right to Kevin Abstract who we see sitting on the ground in front of a grainy, unfocused black and white camera lens. The track starts out slow with a solid beat, a very different sound than the chaotic beats of Iridescence.  As Merlyn Wood takes the mic (and the camera) the track kicks off in a different direction.

She’s so bad I let her touch my butt, / Merlyn what the f*ck?

Merlyn Wood and Dom McLennon’s verses are short, but catchy. As we move into Joba’s verse, he rolls on the ground with a murderous gleam in his eye as he absolutely kills the beat.

Dead on the nail call me Hammerhead / Texas till I’m dead / BBQ and cornbread, like I’m cornfed

In the bridge of the song, there’s a quick interlude from the heavy hip hop beat and a sample that sounds like it could have come straight from somebody’s mother.

Go ahead and try harder / You ain’t gotta ask to put up with nobody / Get on your knees /And pray sometimes with yo mutherf*ckin *ss

In the final verse of the song, Matt Champion goes out with a bang.

Send ’em out the door, they ain’t knocking no more / Send ’em out the door, they ain’t knocking no more.

This part of the song sounds like it could have made a better chorus than an outro, but none the less it slams us with the same hype Brockhampton style that makes each album a masterpiece.

Referencing back to the title of the song, “I Been Born Again”, and the allusions to money throughout the song, it feels like this track is meant to be a celebration of Brockhampton’s success. The boy band built themselves up from the ground, hiring members of the band to create their videos, album covers and recording most of their music in home studios.

Recently, fans were worried when the band partnered with RCA Records. Frontman Kevin Abstract reassured fans that nothing would change with the band and that Brockhampton would still have just as much control in the production of their content.

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hey how ya doin. just wanted to let you guys know that we have decided to partner with RCA and the next records will be released through those guys. i wanted to be very clear about this and let y’all know that nothin changes. videos still diy, music still made in our house, and we’re still gonna make the best possible product for y’all. they understood that we wanted to be the biggest boyband in the world and I’m a firm believer in not being able to do everything on your own. Find people whose morals and vision align with yours and follow that. Apple had to get out of the garage at some point. thanks for giving a fuck and thanks for my management for guiding us in the best possible direction yeehaw

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Iridescence was released through RCA in 2018 and Ginger will be released through the company as well.

Happy August Brockhampton fans, the album is on the way!


Featured Image Via Brockhampton’s ” I Been Born Again” 

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