Calm Down

Anxiety affects many people of all ages. It’s something that you feel, and it can overwhelm you. I wanted to give a representation of what an anxiety attack feels like to those who may not understand. To those who do understand, you are not alone.

I am breathing in fire

and exhaling needles and pins.

Calm down.

I look around the room and count the dots that line the tile floor,

One, two, three. 

I count these out loud in hope of clarity,

Calm down.

My heart begins to beat to the patter of a drum,

and I can hear my blood rushing through my veins.

Calm down.

The room slowly starts to spin,

and I reach for the nearest thing to catch my self.

Calm down.

You’re ok, just relax,

Calm down.

You’re not dying,

Calm down.

It’s all in your head,

Calm down.

That’s the thing though,

I can’t.

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