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Captured Waves

In this poem, the speaker is out with their significant other, playing on the beach. As the speaker jumps around in the waves, the significant other is watching from afar, realizing that there’s nothing the speaker wouldn’t do for them. In this poem, I used a repetition of w’s, not for any particular reason other than that it sounded nice. Even if you can’t relate, I hope that you enjoy this short poem.

water washed down in warm waves,

whirling around like wise whiskey,

a tsunami to me but a whisper to the rest of the globe.

i was weak, powerless,

like a broken-winged bird,

but willing like a raptured soul.

you welcomed the sand into the cracks of your toes,

the same sand that once held the lives of waged war,

the same sand that now weaved stories together.

stories of you, of me, of whatever story the earth would offer.

you whistled as a wave caught me by surprise,

and your hazel eyes seemed to light up like wildfire when i glanced your way.

as i captured the warring waves of the sea,

laughing because laughing warded away the bad spirits in the windy air,

you sat on the sand and captured the waves of my love.

and you smiled, because your wandering brain finally understood,

that i’d slay any wicked witch,

that i’d part the very ocean to get to you. my world.

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