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    Love, Colourism: An Open Letter to Alexandra Shipp

    In an interview with Heroine Magazine, actress Alexandra Shipp, who starred in “Love, Simon” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” discussed issues revolving around colorism–again. The actress first received backlash for her response to a Twitter comment about being cast as X-Men’s Storm. In the comics, Storm is depicted as a darker colored character but was played by Shipp, […]

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    Teenage Review of ‘Love, Simon’

    Without a doubt, Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) completely captivates the audience. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and he made us cheer. The overflowing charm of the movie is undeniable. Recently, I was given the opportunity to see an early screening of Love, Simon: an LGBTQ-led rom-com based on Becky Albertalli’s novel Simon vs the Homosapiens […]

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    Why Erik Killmonger’s Scars Are So Important

    Black Panther is not only dominating both social media and the box office, but the movie is currently making cinematic history as having the top 5th opening weekend of all time. I recently went to Jersey Gardens’ AMC Theater and witnessed 6 theaters premiering Black Panther, all of which were sold out. This movie is […]

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    Stop Doubting The Importance of ‘Love, Simon’ to LGBTQ+ Youth

    Love, Simon starring Nick Robinson is anything but “just another gay movie.” In theaters everywhere March 16th, the blockbuster follows closeted gay high schooler Simon Spier who has fallen in love with an anonymous classmate online. The movie tackles many experiences of the average queer teen, from coming out to parents, dealing with isolation, and wondering […]

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    Why Teens Are In Love With ‘Love, Simon’

    When I first saw the trailer for Love, Simon, like almost any other gay teen, I cried. Like genuinely, tears-rushing-down-my-face sort of crying. I was so overwhelmed with happiness, I watched that trailer again. And again. And again. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting the blockbuster rom-com I had waited for all my life. […]

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    Liked ‘Call Me By Your Name’? There’s A Sequel Heading Your Way

    With the critically-acclaimed Call Me By Your Name winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay at this year’s ceremony, fans were left wanting more from the innocent and heart-warming relationship of Elio and Oliver. But, they didn’t have to wait long until director Luca Guadagnino was revealing details of the sequel on the red carpet. The film, based […]

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    The Problematic Way the Media Portrays Stalking as A Form Of Love

    Movies, TV shows, and media as a whole have a profound impact on how we perceive love, sex, and romance. From the Disney princess movies we watched when we were young to more mature romances like The Notebook our ideas of how courtship and relationships work have been shaped by the media. However, a problematic concept is present […]