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    The Logistics Of Not Going To School To Travel

    Because of social media, people are feeling like they aren’t living their lives to the fullest. You see people your age traveling the world with seemingly no worries and start to feel inadequate. But the truth is, you shouldn’t. First things first, you need to understand that no one is “meant to work a 9-5.” I saw […]

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    Hong Kong: Surprise For A Tourist

    “We’re going to Hong Kong.” Whenever “Hong Kong” is mentioned, the scenery that I would imagine is a rich city that never sleeps, all lit and back-to-back parties from night till dawn. I pictured Disneyland, elite residences, and a heaven for every shopaholic and vibrant city lights. When I stepped out of my flight, guess […]

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    Why You Should Travel To Tulum Instead of Cancun

    Cancun is a vibrantly popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and party culture. In 2015 alone Cancun was visited by over 4.8 million tourists. Many high school students and college students come to Cancun to take advantage of the alcohol and non-stop parties. Fortunately for many young adults, the drinking age in Mexico […]