CDLM is New York Fashion Week’s most underrated show, here’s why

September marks the start of Fall, and with that, New York Fashion Week makes its grand entrance. In the ever-evolving world of high fashion, every collection has to be digested at a very high speed, making it easy to get sucked into focusing on the big designers instead of taking your time to study some of the smaller collections.

Among these smaller collections is CDLM’s spring/summer 2019 collection. With only 20 looks, Creatures of the Wind designer Chris Peters made his New York Fashion Week debut with the new brand. From perfectly tailored blazers to eye-catching boots, the designer already displays a signature style that combines a casual feel with black tie appropriate pieces. Partly made from recycled vintage, the clothes give off a refreshing, laid-back vibe. Wool sweaters, turtlenecks and big coats certainly make a case for comfortable clothing. However, key basics are alternated with more distinguished pieces – a shiny red jacket, thigh-high fringed boots and napkin style skirts. In short, the brand new label shows a broad assortment of different styles for numerous occasions. 

Image: CDLM.

CDLM’s niche range of thoughtfully selected models (with Tavi Gevinson making a notable appearance in a wool top and ducktape trousers) is definitely one of the show’s strengths. Inclusivity is always a controversial topic, especially during fashion week. CDLM makes a case for inclusivity without making it feel as though they’re just hopping onto the diversity bandwagon “because it’s trendy right now”.

Image: CDLM.

In the chaotic world of street style, influencers, magazine editors and it-girl models, CDLM comes as a refreshing label. By going back to the basics – a small but thought-through collection, a resolute focus on the clothing – the brand brings fashion to a new level. Where many people don’t ‘get’ high fashion or question its place in society, it comes as a breath of fresh air to see clothes on the runway that are wearable yet notably stylish, whatever that word might mean to you. The magic behind the collection didn’t source from an impressive location, celebrity front row members or impossible-to-wear-without-falling outfits, it came from its straightforward attitude. Its imperfection is exactly what fashion needs: not a desperate attempt at presenting something new, but rather seeking for style in things we love and know.

Featured Image by Mekko Harjo/Courtesy of CDLM

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