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Check Out Alessia Cara’s Amazing Answer To The Question About Her Big Suits

Alessia Cara performed numerous hits on the Today Show in New York City last Friday morning (September 7). She also performed her latest single “Growing Pains.”

When she was in the process of making her album, she really wanted to convey an empowering message to her fans.

According to a recent interview, she didn’t want her fans to only learn about herself but to also understand their identities and who they really are as an individual.

“I think they’ll definitely get more insight into who I am, but that’s not what I want them to take away, necessarily. I don’t want this to be an album about me or about my struggles. I want it to be about everyone’s.”

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cara ensured that her songwriting formula includes the ability to be relatable with everyone especially her fans. She wanted them to connect broken pieces from her album to depict their storylines and how they changed throughout the years.


“If they can find pieces of themselves in my experiences I think that’s the goal for me. I want them to be able to say, ‘This is an album about me and my life.'”


When Cara’s “Growing Pains” music video dropped, a lot of people were confused with the enormous suits on the screen. She was wearing an oversized shirt and communicating with a congregation of adults modeling suits. As the video progresses, Cara was seen underwater wearing an oversized suit herself.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

During the Today Show, she wore a suit that is parallel to her music video. When she was questioned about the unorthodox attire, she had a very nifty response to Craig Melvin.


“I just wanted to look like you, that’s the truth”


Cara continued to express the real connotation of “Growing Pains” and the profound imagery of the big suits according to TODAY.


“It’s like an artistic way of symbolizing the idea of growing up. Sometimes you kind of feel like you’re drowning and you feel like you’re not ready for the roles life throws at you so this was my way of symbolizing it in an artistic way.”


Ever since the song was released, Cara had been wearing massive suits on numerous events and posted an Instagram post about its representation.


“suit symbolism: the oversized suit visually represents the idea of growing up too fast, or trying to fit ourselves into roles that can feel too large to handle. we aren’t always prepared for life when it runs towards us full speed. sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in it a little, sometimes it’s mundane and stagnant. that’s what the suit is. I know some of you were wondering and I felt I should answer. I truly hope you enjoy the new world I’ve been working on for you.”

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Lipovsky/NBC


With her previous and current music, Alessia Cara has served as a beacon for others by accentuating people’s flaws and celebrating it.


As Alessia Cara once said, “I’ve always told myself that if I was going to be given a voice, I might as well say something worth listening to.”


Featured Image by Today Show

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