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Cheers To The Future: As Ambiguous As You Are, I Can’t Wait To Meet You

There was nothing out of the ordinary happening today, my dear friend cancelled our dinner plans and so I carried on with my day. I spent most of it daydreaming if you must know. As time wasted away, I found myself quarreling with an intruding thought that entered my brain. I argued that though uncontrollable, with determination and great strength one can guide ourselves to live the so desirable future we vision from birth, but, the so valid counterclaim is that at times no matter how hard one tries, somethings just  aren’t meant to be.

Dealing with the unfortunate truth that not all fantasies turn into reality is in fact very discouraging. Makes me think to perhaps aim for something more practical. Inevitably I begin to second guess myself as well as my aspirations. I start to think that it’s time to grow up and stop thinking that anything is possible. I can hear my fear and doubt say ” so you want to be a writer huh? Good luck with that! Wait, you want to be a polyglot too? And you want to move to New York all on your own? Ha! Don’t make me laugh kid.”

After debating for a while just how realistic and attainable my dreams are, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with aiming a little high because even if I fall short and don’t quite reach the stars, going out of space is quite the journey and an incredible accomplishment itself. So no matter what the outcome turns out to be, one can’t be afraid to take the leap because with a bit of luck we might not fall but learn how to fly.

In recognition of the hopes and dreams I have I decided to write a poem dedicated to the uncertain and ambiguous future that awaits me.


Cheers To The Future: As Ambiguous As You Are, I Can’t Wait To Meet You

By: Neftali Cabrales

Even though we haven’t met, I know your name

You are always moving forward and you stop for no one

But I know i’ll catch you one day.

I often close my eyes and picture how my life will be once you join me

I like to think that you won’t disappoint me.

Although you belong to me, I hold no power over you

Its funny how I create you but I don’t know you.

I must confess I have many hopes and expectations for you

Each and everyday I get closer to you.

You posses many qualities and I wish to further know them

It is unfortunate that you don’t reveal them more often.

You are a blessing in disguise

Or perhaps I am just missing the signs that say otherwise.

I am aware that you could be dark and misty

But I rather think that you will grant all my wishes.

Unlike my dreams you are not a pigment of my imagination

You may not have a body but you are a real creation.

I wont lie you sometimes scare me

I have come to realize its because you are so independent.

You answer to no one and do as you please

I am just praying that you will listen to me.

I am not trying to worry

But you are just so important.

You are the outcome of my actions

My desire is for you to be of my satisfaction.

Although you belong to me, I hold no power over you

Its funny how I create you but I don’t know you.

You are what is to come in my life

You represent light.

Dear future please be kind

For I have waited to meet you all my life.

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