Christina Grimmie’s Posthumous ‘Side B’ EP Released

It’s no secret that Christina Grimmie was on her way to becoming a widely-revered young pop icon.

With almost seven years on YouTube, three records, a 2015 iHeart Radio Music Festival opening, and third place win on Season 6 of The Voice, Grimmie was well-acquainted with success, fame, and accomplishment. Yet through it all, the singer remained humble and modest about her achievements.

Rising star and Voice alum Christina Grimmie tragically passed away in June of last year, but her undying spirit and legacy have been consistently upheld by her loyal fans and family. Since her passing, Grimmie’s family has independently released music videos, singles, and new material of the singer as a means to honour her life and impact on the world in her short 22 years of life.

As a true musical visionary, Grimmie left behind around 60 vocal tracks that the family plans to release gradually over time. In February 2017, it was revealed that Grimmie’s remaining music would be released under Republic Records – a division of Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company – which would allow her music to achieve better reach and engagement with people all over the world.

On April 21, 2017, Grimmie’s family and Republic Records officially released more of her material as a four-song EP. The record is entitled “Side B” – a follow-up to “Side A,” the late singer’s most recent release before her passing.

Grimmie’s unparalleled vocals make a solid and chilling appearance on this record. Her unique light-lyric soprano and incredibly diverse vocal range can be heard on virtually all four tracks – namely “The Game” and “Invisible.”

Through the EP’s powerful lyrics, phenomenal EDM-influenced production, and ethereal melodies, Grimmie’s true self shines on brightly, proudly, and unapologetically.

Grimmie’s family has also announced that they plan to release a 10-track full LP entitled All Is Vanity on June 2 of this year, coinciding with National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Although not present physically, Grimmie’s unbridled love and passion for her craft will undoubtedly thrive and live on for years to come. Between the the triumphs and tragedies of Christina Grimmie, there is one major philosophy that rings true about this new record – music truly has no boundaries.

You can listen to Side B here.

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