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Clairo Releases Autotune-filled Ballad “Closer To You”

Claire Cotrill, mostly known as Clairo is ready to spread her wings and fly. The twenty-year-old quickly shed her “bedroom pop” label given to her by music streaming agent Spotify with her single “Bags” from her debut album, Immunity. Today, she broke expectations again with her newest single “Closer To You.”

The song opens up with a trap-inspired beat, much different than the vintage drum kits Clairo listeners have gone accustomed to. Cotrill sings most of the song with autotune, over a minimalistic beat. She starts with, “I feel it in my bones / Even when I’m alone” then goes on to explain how her mother warned her before entering this relationship, and how no matter what she still yearns for this person.

The chorus breaks out with autotuned layered vocals that sound remarkably emotional, reminiscent to Roger’s “I Want To Be Your Man.” Cotrill softly sings, “The things you do / Only make want to get closer to you / and the things that you say / Only make me want to stay” explains why she made the choice to use autotune in the interview with Zane Lowe, and what inspired her. When the “Pretty Girl” singer arrived at Rostam’s studio, she heard the singer Bonzai using autotune in an unfamiliar way.

“It just wasn’t the classic use of autotune that I was so used to hearing. And after that, I…told them how much I loved it and kind of wanted to try it on my own, and kind of use something that’s so classically used in other ways and kind of twist it and make it something that’s…not expected. It doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to be there, but it has a lot of meaning behind it,” she told Lowe. 

Clairo’s Immunity via her Instagram (Hyperlink her Instagram)

Cotrill expressed the making of Immunity and its production on Twitter. “something i learned through this album process was how to translate what I’m saying into the actual production, how to make the instrumental/effects talk back to you” The simple but effective beat spotlights Cotrill’s vocals and makes listeners feel like they are slow dancing at prom song in a John Hughes movie.

“Closer To You” shows a new side of Clairo that we have been looking forward to for a while now. With her debut release in a little over a month, only time can tell what she has in store.

Featured image via Clair Cotrill/Instagram

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