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Comedic Shows to Help You Get Through the School Year

Soon the sound of school bells signaling the beginning of the day will ring across the world (if they haven’t already) and summer will come to an end. Nine months filled with assigned readings, quizzes, tests and essays await us along with sports, clubs and all those extra-curriculars. The general anxiety that comes along with the school year can be dealt with in many different ways but the best way to calm down and gain perspective before a huge test or a ten-page paper is due is to watch an episode or two of a comedic show. Laughter is definitely the best medicine and by setting aside some time for yourself and relaxing before studying—you can gain a clear head and get past some of the stress. Here are some great comedy shows that can help you get through the stress filled school year.

The Good Place

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This show is relatively new but is definietly one of the best things about 2017. We begin by learning that our main charcter Eleanor Shellstrop has died and is now in the Good Place (the best area of the afterlife), but it turns out that there was a mistake and she wasn’t supposed to be in The Good Place at all. After befriending some of the other residents, Eleanor tries her best to change her ways and learn how to become a good person so she can stay. Along with having a unique story, this show is peppered with humor as well as being very well plotted, there are many surprising twists and the show has an overall quirky feel to it that’ll keep you entertained and take school work right off your mind

Parks and Recreation

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 This classic TV show is perfect to watch if you need to take your mind of things, and even if you make it through all 7 seasons, it’s one of those few shows that you can re-watch instead of getting tired of it. The show follows Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation as she attempts to beatify her town by getting rid of a giant pit—but things don’t exactly go as planned. The first season of the show isn’t the best but once you get to the second the show picks up and has you entranced.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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This netflix original is everything you never knew you wanted. A group of women are rescued after they were kidnapped for 15 years by a doomsday priest who kept them in a bunker by convincing them the world has ended. The show follows Kimmy Schmidt as she attempts to re-acclimate into society and it is both heart warming and hilarious. With three seasons already on Netflix, you can become engaged in the show and let it wash away your anxieties.

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