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Davido: The Nigerian Artist Who is Breaking Borders


David Adedeji Adeleke or as most of us know him- Davido, is an incredibly talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. A testament to this fact is evident by the many awards he has won including the award for “Best International Act” at this year’s BET Awards. Although he was born into a wealthy family (His dad has money, honey), Davido paved his own way to his own success through his music, launching a successful and prominent music career. Davido has worked with many artists from Nigeria’s own Olamide to Meek Mill and his portfolio of works just keeps growing! As a tribute to his career, his recent interview on the Breakfast Club, and his upcoming show in Houston on Sept. 13, I take a look into his four of his best songs, although there are so many more.


1. “Dami Duro” released in 2011

“Dami Duro”, one of Davio’s earliest hits, is the perfect song for getting loose in the dance hall! Sung in a mix of English and his native Yoruba, the song was ahead of its time with its popping beat and bold lyrics. The song is essentially about how Davido should not be held down by anyone just because of the wealth of his father. In Davido’s own words “Dami Duro” means “You can’t stop me”. The song features cameos from other artists including Wizkid, aka Starboy, himself. After this song, the world knew that it was, in fact, Davido on the beat!

2.  Lil Kesh- Shoki Rmx fr. Davido & Olamide released in 2014

This shoki remix hit was played at every African party at least once as a way to get everyone from the teenagers to aunties and uncles up and displaying their shoki. In this dance hit, Davido lent his vocals to Lil Kesh’s remix along with Olamide who rapped his own verse. This collaboration was one for the books as the trio not only added their individual voices and styles to the song but collectively came together to create something new. Davido opened the song and started it off strong. There’s only one question that remains unanswered, is he still looking for the “shorty with the baddest shoki”?

3. If released in 2017

A little different from the dance style songs that Davido usually sings, “If” is a sweet sort of love song that would entice even the most straight-laced of girls to fall right into his arms. Don’t be fooled, it is not sappy by any means. The song features a great, modern afrobeat that when coupled with Davido’s singing can bring a smile to anyone’s face. This song features the Igbo language that was sure to excite many Igbo speakers. In this song, Davido is professing his love for a girl and asking her not to play with him while promising her Versace, Gucci, and the 30 billion (billion with big B baby) in his account. Tekno, another famous Nigerian artist, produced this hit song proving that the two go together like pounded yam and egusi soup.

4. Fall released in 2017

Another non-sappy love song, “Fall” features a much calmer beat than If. Once again, Davido declares his love for a lucky lady. In the song, he says that he “does not want to be a player no more” and that “money” and “Prada” will fall on this girl because he is in love with her. Produced by Kiddominant, this song was a great demonstration of Davido’s voice and his influence over his music. Although he meant it metaphorically, the visual image of all of all of these things literally falling on a girl is quite funny. Even Nigerian comedian and Youtuber Mark Angel made a hilarious video depicting this very thing.

All of this to say, Davido has and will continue to make hits after hits while popularising the Nigerian culture through his music. His music not only entertains but, as it comes into contact with other cultures and artists- it educates the world. Davido, continue to make your country and your fans proud!

Honourable mentions:

  • FIA released in 2017
  • Aye released in 2015


(Featured Photo via @davidoofficial2)



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