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Define Black

It has been so exhausting to see literary works that repetitively use the colour black to metaphorize a dark becoming, or anything else that radiates with negativity. Although it can be supposable in some circumstances, the stigma revolving the colour black extends so far that people of black pigment are treated as if they are the upbringers of negativity as does the colour black. Unconciously, literature will continuously justify the poetic aspect of the colour black as a way to portray tragedy and death – this needs to end if it means that black people wouldn’t have to face the same tragedy and death the colour black symbolizes. Below entails a poem to address that issue.

What comes to mind when one says “black”?

Darkness, impurity, and this is a fact

That black is a stain and lacks of light

While all things pure are associated with white

White lies are benign and harmless

Black lies are malicious and can only harness

Despair and atrocity

And a manifestation of this is profound immorality

It is complete abomination that such gloom

Equates with the color of the sky that houses the moon

Without the existence of the pitch-black night

The stars we wish upon would never be as bright

Loud, illiterate, these are the written

Words to describe people of black pigment

Not much different from the forlorn words

Used to describe the dark colour discerned

The stigma revolving blacks has gotten worse

To the point where black people are indefinitely cursed

In the secular age where the power is white

And blacks face their guns when they put up a fight

Unarmed and innocent

Black kids are faced with undeserving predicament

From a young age, they’re taught to be more vigilant

And white kids are raised to be more ambivalent

The origin of the funereal words’ link with the colour black

Is still unknown, but it should not extend so far that

People of black pigment endure unlawful treatment

By the justice system that is supposed to abide by

the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment

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