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Dread Central Presents THE FARE, a Modern Retelling of a Classic Tale

The Fare was not what I was expecting. The black and white opening scene caused a wave of nostalgia to rush over me. Gino Anthony Pesi plays Harris, the main character and a facetious taxi driver, who seems to be plucked fresh out of an early episode of The Twilight Zone. With his snarky remarks and vintage cab, Harris is the perfect candidate for a good mystery.

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The plot thickens when a beautiful young woman named Penny, played by Brinna Kelly, climbs into his cab. The two share a flirtatious conversation until encountering some stormy weather which transports Harris back to moments before picking up Penny.

Of course, Harris’ conversation with his cab manager holds no new information for those watching, but the entire experience seems foreign for our main character. Penny gets in the cab and the cycle repeats. Soon enough, this meet and greet time loop seems endless, that is, until Harris touches Penny and seems to remember their previous encounter.

Courtesy of Dread Central

For a moment, the scene appears in color and the director’s intentions suddenly become clear. Although Dread Central is known for its haunting films and thriller inducing tales, love is at the center of The Fare. While it’s apparent Penny is aware of this endless loop, Harris struggles to retain his memory.

Eventually, the film settles on a romantic and light-hearted, entirely colorized, montage of the two engaging in conversation and even daring to get physical. Penny informs Harris that she has tried to break the loop many times before, but it seems impossible. Content with each other’s company, Harris and Penny decide to enjoy the infinite time they now have.

Courtesy of Dread Central

However, of course, things aren’t that simple. Harris begins to ask questions that threaten the fabric of their lives and Penny’s involvement in the loop becomes suspicious. The end of the film wraps up all loose ends perfectly and leaves the audience wondering how they didn’t see it earlier. With Easter eggs hidden from the moment the screen came to life, The Fare is a creative and charming take on a classic tale that finds a way to modernize and transform model characteristics.

The time loop trope builds suspense and fosters mystery, while the romantic and forbidden relationship between Harris and Penny provides an emotional aspect that makes the story all the more heart-wrenching.

Courtesy of Dread Central

The Fare is available in select theaters and on VOD and Blu-ray beginning November 19th. Watch the trailer here.


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