East Coast Magic: A Photography Reflection

Portland, ME

I have always loved traveling, leaving my life behind, and adopting a new persona. I am euphoric when I venture to a place that I no longer feel trapped in or restricted by the judgment and expectations of those I know. Immersing myself in a new world is simply magical. When it is over, I am often heartbroken. Yet I return to my life as if nothing ever happened.

This summer I embarked on one of the most magical voyages I could have imagined. I visited the city of my soul for the first time: New York. These are some photos that document my feelings as I traveled across the East Coast and yearned to wander forever.

Portland, ME
Portland, ME
World Trade Center, NYC
Manhattan, NYC
Brooklyn, NY
NYC Graffiti
NYC Graffiti
World Trade Center, NYC
The National September 11 Memorial
Providence, RI
Boston, MA

Boston Harbor Island


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Written by Alina Sparks

I am a freshman in high school with a passion for using my words to help others. I aspire to study journalism at NYU.