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Exclusive: Producing Prodigy, filous, Talks Latest Release “All My Friends Are Rich”

When filous began making musical movies at 16, the future was clear. His affinity towards instruments coupled with his curiosity has led him to tuneful success and now, the 22-year-old Austrian producer is responsible for hits like “Bicycle” ft. klei and the remix of Alina Baraz’s “Floating” ft. Khalid.
For his most recent release, filous partnered up with singer-songwriter Louis III to make, “All My Friends Are Rich”. The music video mimics the montage of a sitcom show and incorporates humour into the catchy song. I sat down with filous to learn more about the latest single and his dream collabs.
Ariel Zedric: Congrats on “All My Friends Are Rich”! What was it like working with Louis III and filming the music video?  
filous: Thank you! Whether it was making the video or making music together, being together with Louis is always so much fun. He always brings such an uplifting and fun mood to every situation he enters and that’s the perfect motivation for any kind of creative work!
You’ve made quite a few songs, do you have a favourite? Or is that like asking you to choose a favourite kid? 
I’ve honestly been so excited about all the new music I’m making right now and those songs that came out recently like “All My Friends Are Rich” or “Bicycle”. I think right now the new music I’m working on feels like the most exciting for me!
Where does your interest in music stem from? Are there parts of your childhood that you pull from?
When I think of my childhood, whether it was old Earth, Wind & Fire songs or my Dad playing the guitar, there was always music playing in our apartment. That definitely had an impact on my musical taste and my wanting to make music.
Walk me through your music creating process.
Most of the time the core ideas to my songs come in the most unlikely situations. Whenever I sit down and really try to write something new, it almost never works out successfully. I always end up having the most ideas when I least think about having them.
Is there a moment in your career so far that has left you particularly satisfied or proud?
I think there are tons of moments that have left me feeling grateful and humbled to be able to do what I do, more so than proud. Especially playing music live or meeting people in real life that listen to my music are the most special moments for me. Seeing how these songs can turn into something important for another human is a really unbelievable thing!
What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in the music industry?
Starting out with my project I was still in high school and had no experience whatsoever in the music industry. Things moved very quickly for me in the beginning and it sometimes felt like I didn’t have time to catch up with what’s happening around me. For a while, that whole situation made me really insecure and I always felt like I needed to prove something with my music. Getting to really focus on my music and blocking out the whole industry thing took a long time for me and ended up being super important!
Courtesy of filous
Have you ever doubted pursuing music? What inspired you to keep going?
Not really to be honest! Slipping into this chaos, I never even got the chance to worry about what I should do with my life career-wise, and I am pretty happy about that!
If you weren’t pursuing music, what would you be doing?
I’d probably be selling Belgian waffles out of a little food-truck in a shady park! I love waffles.
What inspires you the most?
I love being surprised and working with other musicians. Getting to share ideas with people and learning new things from them really keeps me on my toes! It’s crazy how big of an impact a single conversation or a musical interaction can have!
What’s one artist you would love to work with that you haven’t got the opportunity to yet?
There’s so many! Some artists I’ve been listening to most recently are: Sufjan Stevens, Manu Chao, Soko, Mac Demarco, Bibio, and the list goes on! Paul McCartney wouldn’t be bad either!
If you could give young aspiring artists one piece of advice, what would it be?
Just have fun at what you are doing and make exactly what you want to make. That’s probably the best advice I’ve got so far!
Courtesy of filous
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Feature Image Courtesy of filous
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