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Falling Petals

Photo Credit: vivaciouspeople on Tumblr

Heartbreak can be rough, even if that heartbreak is solely based on a crush that you thought you had a chance with. Finding out that the cliche romance novel scenario you made up couldn’t really turn out as you planned it to can be a bummer to say the least.

Your purpose isn’t defined by someone liking you; however, one cannot stop that sadness from taking over from the one thing you thought you could have. So, this poem is for the heartache. The sadness. Things will get better, and poetry can make that process a lot easier.

My heart is planting seeds I wish you could water,
Wish you can shine on,
Wish you can care for.
My seedlings will never grow,
My flowers will never bloom, and
My petals will never reach that blue sky
and white clouds.

The soil I am planted on wasn’t meant for you to fertilize.
You were the necessities I thought
I needed to be able to reach
that sky and those clouds.
You didn’t see me behind those weeds,
And instead you watered another flower,
And you shined on her,
And you cared for her,
And helped her petals reach
that glowing blue sky and full white clouds,
While I was left behind in the weeds
Surrounding my wilting heart.

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